Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CMS, Web Services, Mobile Apps

Its been the whole research zone for me in these very first months of the year 2012.

Just to mention but a few... read lots of articles, books... still reading referring to most materials read.

CMS as so grown its gist is everywhere.. i have gone through Wordpress- which happens to be restrictive, Joomla- well, promising but theme/template creation is for you + menu placements can be very confusing... , Drupal- lots of talk about this guy, i only think of it strongly for serious work.. web interface, web services (which joomla has too), mobile support.

This companies have done so well giving developers like me these options... let the development task begin *smile*

Mobile apps has led to how to interact with the web services provided me by the CMS end.. this led to PhoneGap, Titanium and others with a new vocabulary...

overall i seek to get the best of these technologies put together...

wow! i"m sure going to have it massive.
Till the development ends...

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